Murder on the Titanic and The Breaking Dawn are available now in paperback and e-book form. Stay tuned for more information on my forthcoming novels...

Murder on the Titanic


A strange and sinister History teacher sends two young teenagers back in time to April 1912 and onto the deck of the RMS Titanic. They soon become embroiled in the vicious murder of a millionaire businessman. In their quest to find the killer, they embark on a series of adventures. Can they find the clues, the motives and the evidence that will help them solve the crime? In their bid to catch the murderer they prepare to set a trap, but before they can execute it, the ship hits an iceberg and begins to sink. A desperate fight for survival ensues. In trying to help their friends, they must avoid the elusive killer and survive the perilous final hours of the great ship. Will they survive? And if they do, is there still time to bring the murderer to justice?

The Breaking Dawn 

ISBN 9798538580446

The first book in an epic trilogy set in the first century AD. Varius is a Roman soldier forced from the family home into the foreign lands of the Empire. Sarah and Shifra are mother and daughter struggling to survive in a man's world. Eliashib is a fiercely ambitious religious leader eager to better himself at the expense of others. Their paths cross in the volatile region of Judea where the Romans rule with an iron fist but the people long for the day their Messiah will deliver them. The story takes the reader on a thrilling journey from the grandeur of Rome to the banks of the Nile; from the desert of Judea to the Holy City of Jerusalem. Don't miss the thrilling first instalment to the Fullness of Time Trilogy.   

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The Gathering Storm


The second book in the Fullness of Time Trilogy picks up exactly where The Breaking Dawn left off. In the exciting second instalment, the reader continues with the adventures of Varius the Roman soldier, Sarah and Shifra, and Eliashib the Pharisee. Their stories progress through the coastal town of Joppa, the Holy City of Jerusalem, the coastal fortress of Caesarea and the region of the Galilee. The reader is also introduced to Asher, a restless young man eager for adventure. Storm clouds are gathering. Stories of a prophet keep emerging from the north. Could he possible threaten the ruling elite or is he just another would-be Messiah?        

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In the Fullness of Time


The thrilling conclusion to the epic trilogy. The stories of Varius, Asher, Eliashib, Sarah and Shifra reach their zenith as all roads lead to Jerusalem. How will their lives change as they encounter the travelling preacher from the Galilee? Can he really be a saviour to the Jews, or is he a dangerous rebel determined to upset the established order? One thing is for certain: their lives will never be the same. 

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The Bronze Serpent


It is 1926 and the world is getting back on its feet following the Great War. Young people like Arthur Rosewood and his American cousin, Esther Brown are seeking adventure. In a bid to foil the nefarious machinations of the Ku Klux Klan they race across the globe in pursuit of an ancient biblical artefact. Their adventures take them from Washington DC to Oxford, England and then across the continent to Greece and the Holy Land. They travel by boat, train and camel in a bid to find the Bronze Serpent and keep it out of the clutches of a series of sinister organisations. But is there more to the  relic than meets the eye? Is it merely a relic from a bygone age or is it imbued with supernatural power?