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The Prophet's Mantle

A Forgotten Mystery

Mosul, Iraq, June 1927. Arthur and Esther are back to uncover the secret of a forgotten mystery. The burial place of a revered prophet has been discovered, but they are not the only ones interested in what has lain hidden for millennia.    

A Hidden Enemy

In their quest to unravel the secrets of the prophet, Arthur and Esther engage in a high-stakes duel against dangerous fanatics. Why does a hidden cabal of shadowy foes seek the prophet’s tomb? And why are they willing to stop at nothing to unearth its secrets?

A Perilous Journey

From New York to Iraq, through Palestine and Turkey, across Italy and Egypt, Arthur and Esther embark on a dangerous journey that threatens their very lives. Who will be the first to solve the riddle of The Prophet’s Mantle, and will they live to tell the tale?

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