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The Bronze Serpent

A Sinister Plot

Virginia USA, August 1926. A shocking crime leads to the discovery of a secret plot by the Ku Klux Klan to unearth an ancient biblical artefact. Arthur Rosewood and Esther Brown are determined to get there first.

A Dangerous Adventure

From Harvard to Oxford, across Europe and the Holy Land, their quest leads them to the Egyptian desert. In pursuit of a forgotten secret and pursued by a dangerous enemy, Arthur and Esther race across continents to claim their prize.    

An Ancient Mystery

In their mission to uncover a secret lost to the sands of time, they learn that the Klan aren’t the only ones who know about the artefact. For millennia, an ancient snake cult has jealously guarded a mysterious and unnatural power. Can Arthur and Esther avoid their clutches and uncover the secret of the Bronze Serpent?

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